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Re: Blood flow in Sauropods

This is for the benefit of those who haven't access to a Sunday dose of
"Calvin and Hobbes" (from _Florida Today_, Comics Section, Sunday, 10
September 1995, Melbourne, Florida):

Panel 1: Illustration - Side view of gigantic, long-necked brachiosaurid
standing on lake shore / river bank with neck arching gracefully [and
improbably, IMHO] to allow muzzle to dip into water a few meters from the
edge; a flock of tailless pterosaurs wing their way over a lush, green
landscape filled with conifers, ferns, and horsetails.  Caption - "The big
stupid ultrasaur takes a long drink. . ." 

Panel 2: Illustration - View from some distance behind the drinking
sauropod, framed above and below by vegetation; a theropod raises its
menacing head in the foreground, its glinting red eyes fixed upon the figure
of the ultrasaur. Lurking theropod - ". . . A *very* long drink!"

Panel 3: Illustration - Full  frontal view of stalking, three-fingered,
eye-crested theropod with open, tooth-filled mouth; all done in red. Caption
- "The ferocious allosaur is thristy too! This means confrontation!"

Panel 4: Illustration - Front, closeup view of enormous brachiosaurid, its
neck swung around so that its head faces the now stationary allosaur that
barely reaches its knees; the ultrasaur's expression is one of annoyance;
the theropod no longer rages, but now looks decidedly embarrassed. Allosaur
- ". . . Ah heh heh . . ."

Panel 5: Illustration - Calvin standing dejectedly behind the school bully,
who's monopolizing the water fountain. Calvin - "Fortunately, this allosaur
is the patient type." School Bully - "Don't make me smack you across the
hall, twerp."

-= Tuck =-