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Teaching Evolution

        When I taught biology in Kenya in the Peace Corps I had a
similar problem, which I suppose must be rampant throughout the
Third World wherever fundamentalist missionaries are allowed to
preach.  My students were 100% creationist, as were my fellow
teachers, including two others being trained as scientists at
one of the local colleges.  I tried early to get my students to
appreciate other points of view -- I ended up teaching the chem
and physics courses as well -- but it was a complete failure.
        Such inculcated ignorance has serious consequences for
development, ultimately.  It is worth noting that Hilary N'gweno,
who edits the wonderful new rag _The Weekly Review_, could not
find employment as a physicist there (sorry, that should be "news
rag").  An Indian friend of mine is doing her Ph.D. thesis on the
consequences of irrationalism in national intellectual life for
such issues as economic development and human rights, hoping to
sound a warning on the problem.  Sadly creationism and other abuses
are not limited to the United States -- we export them, too.
        And now, back to Dinosaurs....