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Re: 250 Ma volcanic eruption

In a message dated 95-09-09 07:13:55 EDT, you write:

>Sounds unlikely to me. Aren't flood basalt volcanisms the result of huge
>upwellings from the mantle - i.e. hotspots on stereoids? How can an
>impact trigger one? Besides, Chixculub (sp?) isn't anywhere near India,
>wasn't even 65 Ma I think.

Ah!But the Deccan Plateau was roughly situated at the antipode of Cicxulub
~65Ma! Concentration of shock waves generated by the impact was significant
enough (according  the Sandia people) to have disrupted the crust causing
flood  volcanism to occur. There is also a "hot spot" associated with the
Indian subcontinent and evidence of several tens of millions of years of
eruptions (dating to well before the latest Creatceous and therefore before
Chicxulub) suggest that no impact caused the deccan floods directly or

                                 Thomas R. Lipka
                                 Paleontological/Geological Studies