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Re: Siberian Volcano extinction

In a message dated 95-09-08 23:25:47 EDT, you write:

>     (no author or source given)
>       A volcanic eruption that lasted a million years and flooded Siberia 
>     with lava a mile deep may have killed 80 percent of the world's 
>     animals-an extinction far more deadly than the later one that claimed 
>     the dinosaurs, researchers conclude.  Precise dating of geologic 
>     samples that mark the extinction 250 million years ago show the 
>     massive die-off occurred at about the same time a volcanic eruption 
>     blanketed Siberia with lava and filled the sky with chemicals, 
>     scientists report today in the journal Science.
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There must have been a slow news day! There were papers out on this a couple
of years ago. The one to which you refer to came out in Science. I'll try to
dig it up if there is interest. 

Until then, here's some other refs to chew on ;-)

Baksi, A. K., and Farrar, E.
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major extinction events relative to episodes of flood basalts. Geology. v.19,
no.5, May 1991, p.461-464

Hodych, J. P., ans Dunnig, G.R., 
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Columbia, Canada. Geology. v. 22, no. 7, July 1994, p.580-584

                                          Thomas R. Lipka
                                          Paleontological/Geological Studies