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No-Gender in the ICZN

    Having no gender in the ICZN is inane.  What is so tremendously 
difficult about seeing if a word ends in a -us, -o, or -a; the suffexes for 
masculine, neuter, and feminine?  Or if it's like one of those strange 
cases (like the Spanish "dia" [masc] or the Greek "cephalus" 
[feminine]) looking in a Latin or Greek dictionary and seeing the little 
m, n, or f in parantheses following a word?  Even in Russian it is 
easy to decifer gender, a consinent for masculine, an o or yo is 
neuter and an a or ya is feminine.  Special cases would be labelled.  
Not that hard.
    Also, when we speak in scientific nomenclature, we are in esense 
no longer speaking in English (or whatever), we are speaking in Latin. 
 It would be just plain wrong if we ignore gender.

Peter Buchholz

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