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Re: Vulcanism and impacts

> The Decann Traps  are antipodal to Chicxolub, or were if you re-
> position the tectonic plates as they were at the end of the
> Cretaceous.  Constructive interference between seismic waves
> at the opposite side of the earth could create a weakness at
> that point leading to massive u pwelling of magma.  Try biting
> into a large over-ripe tomato and see what h appens on the
> other side; you will squirt out juice all over as the tomato
> splits opposite the side that you bite
> David
> --
> From: David Brez Carlisle
> bk090@Freenet Carleton.CA
There is just one problem with this interpretation (and a major one).
Paleontological evidence from the infra- and intertrappean beds of
the Deccan strongly suggests that these started forming several million
years before the end-Cretaceous impact.

Michel Chartier