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Re: Vulcanism and impacts

In a message dated 95-09-09 07:23:20 EDT, bk090@freenet.carleton.ca (David
Brez Carlisle) writes:

>The Decann Traps  are antipodal to Chicxolub, or were if you re-
>position the tectonic plates as they were at the end of the
>Cretaceous.  Constructive interference between seismic waves
>at the opposite side of the earth could create a weakness at
>that point leading to massive u pwelling of magma.  Try biting
>into a large over-ripe tomato and see what h appens on the
>other side; you will squirt out juice all over as the tomato
>splits opposite the side that you bite

This situation reminds me of a beautiful strobe photograph of a bullet
breaking a light bulb published a few decades ago by Harold Edgerton. In the
photo you see the bullet shattering the glass on the left side and
penetrating just a little bit. On the right side, you see little cracks
already forming opposite the place where the bullet hit. Sound travels three
times faster through glass than the bullet, so the message of the impact beat
the bullet around the curve of the light bulb and converged on the "anitpodal