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Re: 250 Ma volcanic eruption

In a message dated 95-09-09 07:00:27 EDT, bk090@freenet.carleton.ca (David
Brez Carlisle) writes:

>Betty has drawn our attention to a press report about a gigantic
>eruption in Siberia at 250 Ma.  This eruption is well documented
>and formed   what is now called the Soiberain Traps - like the
>Decann Traps of 65 Ma o nly bigger.  I discuss this valcanism
>in my book.  It is  coincidental in time with the terminal
>Permian extinction, but seems to me unlikely to have caused
>that extinction.  It could be a _result_ of an impact from
>some object from outer space (asteroid or comet) bigger and
>more energetic than the K-T impactor, just as the Deccan Traps
>seem to be a _result_ of the K-T impact.

The Deccan traps seem to have been located on the antipodal point of the
earth to the Chixculub site, and may have originated with spherical focusing
of the seismic waves from the impact. So, let's determine where the antipodal
point of the Siberian traps was and see whether an impact crater is preserved
there. Just our luck, it will turn out to have been ocean floor and the
crater is long gone.