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Re: 250 Ma volcanic eruption

David Brez Carlisle said:
> Betty has drawn our attention to a press report about a gigantic
> eruption in Siberia at 250 Ma.  This eruption is well documented
> and formed   what is now called the Soiberain Traps - like the
> Decann Traps of 65 Ma o nly bigger.  I discuss this valcanism
> in my book.  It is  coincidental in time with the terminal
> Permian extinction, but seems to me unlikely to have caused
> that extinction.  It could be a _result_ of an impact from
> some object from outer space (asteroid or comet) bigger and
> more energetic than the K-T impactor, just as the Deccan Traps
> seem to be a _result_ of the K-T impact.

Sounds unlikely to me. Aren't flood basalt volcanisms the result of huge
upwellings from the mantle - i.e. hotspots on stereoids? How can an
impact trigger one? Besides, Chixculub (sp?) isn't anywhere near India,
wasn't even 65 Ma I think.

> David

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