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Re: Avialian synapomorphies (reposted)

This was returned from San Diego ATTGIS.com etc., etc. because of non-ASCII
characters. They're fixed. Apologies if this is a repeat:

In a message dated 95-09-08 02:40:41 EDT, cnedin@geology.adelaide.edu.au
(Chris Nedin) writes:

>>_Longisquama insignis_ has a furcula. _Allosaurus fragilis_ also has a
>>furcula, long misidentified as an abdominal rib. Furculae may be primitive
>>for Theropodomorpha.
>Do you happen to have references for the presence of this structure handy?

Haubold, H. & Buffetaut, E., 1987. "Une novelle interpretation de Longisquama
insignis, reptile enigmatique du Trias superieur d'Asie centrale [A new
interpretation of Longisquama insignis, an enigmatic reptile from the Upper
Triassic of Central Asia]," C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris 305, Serie II: 65-70.

Sharov, A. G., 1971. "[New flying reptiles from the Mesozoic deposits of
Kazakhstan and Kirghizia]," Transactions of the Paleontological Institute of
the USSR Academy of Sciences 130: 104-113 [in Russian].

The _Allosaurus_ reference is unpublished, but Dan Chure featured it in his
talk on the new Morrison theropod at the 1993 SVP meeting in Albuquerque.