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Adv.: The DinoStore; special offer for Dinolist

   Welp, I have my first price list set.  Now all I have to do is test my
price lists, order taking software, database, etc. before "opening my doors."

   As such I am having a "pre grand opening" sale of sorts.  If you are a
member of the dinosaur list as of 7pm, Friday, September 8, and place an
order between noon Sunday, Sept 10, and noon Tuesday, Sept. 12, you will
receive 5% off any and all Battat Museum of Science figures you order
(except as part of DinoPak #1).  Your membership on the list will be
confirmed, so have your e-mail address handy when you order (if you order by
phone or snail mail).

   Some of the Battat figures may be out of stock at the manf.; however, get
your orders in now as Battat is about to raise their prices.

   If you are interested and would like a price list, e-mail a request to
jpoling@infinet.com.  Specify text, hypertext with in-line images, or
hypertext without in-line images (hypertext must be viewed with a World Wide
Web browser).  I will mail out the price lists late Saturday or early Sunday.

   Those who have already requested a price list need not do so again.


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