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Re: Proposed changes to ICZN

Re-posted at Mickey's request: 

At 03:30 AM 9/8/95 -0400, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

>The amount of Latin needed
>to form a taxonomic name correctly is minimal and is available in
>standard references on the subject. Just because an incorrectly
>formed name has become generally accepted does not strike me as
>sufficient reason to institutionalize the error. Incorrectly
>formed names should not be published in the first place, but if
>published they should be corrected. This is a very simple
>concept, it seems to me.

     I thoroughly agree.
     Where have all the classical language professors gone? It used to be
possible to stroll down the museum corridor or across the college campus to
have a friendly chat with the resident Latin scholar (who was only too
delighted to help and feel needed!).
     Don't editors of technical and professional journals *edit* these days?
Is it not ironic in these times of rapid access to massive amounts of
information (and dis-information) that researchers should be encouraged to
forgo consulting outside sources and second opinions? Has the concept of
peer-review completely fallen by the wayside?

>If the proposal to eliminate gender from generic names is
>accepted, as it most likely will be, then really anything goes.

     Political correctness aside, even English isn't yet an entirely
genderless language. The only modern genderless Indo-European language I
know is Persian. To compensate, so to speak, formal Persian uses many
honorifics, polite roundabouts,  and evasive constructions (except when the
late Ayatollah Khomeini told me where to go, how to get there, and what to
do when I arrived).

>In that event, I guarantee that, should the opportunities arise,
>the first three dinosaur species names I will create will be _Joe
>dinosaur_, _Betty brontosaurus_, and _Mister threetoes_.

     Uh . . . aren't "Joe," "Betty," and "Mister" preoccupied? At least,
please tell me "Barney" is.

-= Tuck =-