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Re: More Aublysodon questions

In a message dated 95-09-08 14:46:32 EDT, swf@ElSegundoCA.ATTGIS.COM (Stan
Friesen) writes:

>I have two questions:
>On what basis is Stygivenator separated from Aublysodon?
>With S. split off, exactly which specimens are still assigned
>to Aublysodon?

_Aublysodon_ is a tooth genus based on a single, unserrated premaxillary
tooth that except for size resembles premaxillary teeth of _Stygivenator_,
_Alectrosaurus_, and a tooth associated with the Oklahoma Museum of Natural
History tyrannosaurid skeleton. These are all demonstrably distinct taxa of
widely different localities and stratigraphy, so _Aublysodon_ is a _nomen
dubium_. The only species remaining in _Aublysodon_ is the type species
_Aublysodon mirandus_. I tentatively assigned _Aublysodon cristatus_ and
_Aublysodon amplus_ to _Stygivenator_ because they are Lance/Hell Creek
species (_Aublysodon mirandus_ is Judith River), but they are also based only
on teeth and are therefore _nomina dubia_ too.

For an exhaustive list of _Aublysodon_ specimens, see:

Molnar, R. E. & Carpenter, K., 1989. "The Jordan theropod (Maastrichtian,
Montana, U.S.A.) referred to the genus Aublysodon," _Geobios_ 22(4): 445-454.