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Re: Interdental plates

In a message dated 95-09-08 12:42:28 EDT, martz@holly.ColoState.EDU (Jeffrey
Martz) writes:

>     I thought  that  teratosaurus was an invalid taxon composed  of a 
>bunch  of  prosauropods and some  sort  of  predatory  archosaur jumbled  
>together.   Has  this  been reconsidered?

The holotype is a diagnostic right maxilla (BMNH 38646). Lots of
miscellaneous junk has been referred to the taxon over the years. Take a look
at the following:

Galton, P. M., 1985. "The poposaurid thecodontian _Teratosaurus suevicus_ v.
Meyer, plus referred specimens mostly based on prosauropod dinosaurs, from
the Middle Stubensandstein (Upper Triassic) of Nordwuerttemberg,"
_Stuttgarter Beitraege zur Naturkunde_ Serie B (Geologie und Palaeontologie)
#116, 29 pp.