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Re: Avialian synapomorphies

In a message dated 95-09-08 02:40:41 EDT, cnedin@geology.adelaide.edu.au
(Chris Nedin) writes:

>>_Longisquama insignis_ has a furcula. _Allosaurus fragilis_ also has a
>>furcula, long misidentified as an abdominal rib. Furculae may be primitive
>>for Theropodomorpha.
>Do you happen to have references for the presence of this stucture handy?

Sorry--I sent the wrong Sharov reference. What you want is--

Sharov, A. G., 1970. "Svoyeobraznaya reptiliya iz nizhnevo triasa Fergany [An
unusual reptile from the Lower Triassic of Fergana]," Paleontologicheskiy
Zhurnal 1970(1): 127130 [in Russian; English translation in Paleontological
Journal 1970(1): 112116].