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Flaming or fuming?

Hello dino lovers,

Apparently the posting on freedom of expression touched nerves in both camps,
as well it should.

I cannot believe the double standards by which some of us live. A few months
ago I was scolded for objecting to non-dino postings. Now I am blasted for
suggesting complete freedom. Do not blame me for pointing that fact out.

I have, however, learned my lesson. You will not see another posting from me
regarding anything other than a subject directly addressing dinosauria. Do
not assume that those of you flaming me have silenced me. In fact the direct
opposite is the case. If any of those that object to freedom, whether in this
country (USA) or not, try to justify such a stand then I pity you. History is
not on your side.

My point has not been refuted. Either we are free or we are not. As I said
before we cannot have it both ways.

I really hope those of you that are objecting to the concept of free
expression take a good hard look at what that means. Also, those that are
willing to suffer the slings and arrows to defend such freedom should be
prepared to pay the price.

Isn't it strange how such a simple concept, freedom, still generates such