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Re: The Lost World errata

>          Hello,
>          I'm pretty new to the list and I've had a love for dinosaurs
>          since I was a kid (who hasn't as a kid?). Anyway, I was
>          curious to know (if this is truly factual) how it was
>          determined that T-rex's eye sight was based on movement or
>          is that more "errata" from Jurassic Park? Since watching the
>          flick I've been curious about this. Any answers?

   T. rex eyesight being based on movement was Spielberg's attempt to work a
plot device from the book into the movie.  In the book, the hadrosaurs (at
the very least, maybe other dinos as well) could not see Grant and the kids
unless they moved.  This was explained as being the result of their DNA
being blended with amphibian DNA (the implication being, I guess, that
amphibian eyesight is based on movement).

   In any case, just ignore the movie errata on T. rex sight.  It was merely
an extremely weak translation of the book's plot.

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