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The Lost World: Mini-Review

Well, I finally finished the book. All in all, it was fun to read, though
replete with instances of Crichton's favorite literary trick to generate
suspense: scene shifting. Not counting a few minor paleo errors (which I had
a ball picking out and posting), he handles the dino-human interactions
nicely. If the scenes remain in the movie version, some of them will be very
challenging for the FX people. Crichton is a slick professional writer for
the masses, so don't expect much insight into the sciences despite a few
"mini-essays" scattered through the text. Unlike _Andromeda Strain_, _The
Lost World_ has a satisfying ending, with the villain (whose name derives
from that of the author of _Through the Looking-Glass_--referring to the Red
Queen hypothesis, I'm sure) meeting a particularly appropriate fate.