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A few more...

 A few more refs for your consideration but I'd first like to
 say that I prefer political stuff, especially the stuff that includes
 labeling people and organizations with inflamatory words, be kept
 off the list. Yes, its germaine to talk about the facts of Sue's
 history but for all the inflamatory stuff on various stuff, try
 to give it a rest or do it person to person. I don't have the time
 for it. JP Turok Lost World all seem relevant to me and break up
 the Jargon.

 I see in the SVP abstracts - they are overwhelming - that Greg Paul
 and Ruben will be able to square off in person. O joy.

 Now we start with a paper on the soft-shell turtles of the Judith River

 Gardner, J.D., A.P. Russell & D.B. Brinkman. 1995. Systematics and
   taxonomy of soft-shelled turtles (Family Trionychidae) from the
   Judith River Group (mid-Campanian) of North America.
   Canadian J. Earth Sciences   32:631-643.

 The title says it all (there are 4 valid spp.). All power to our
 Chelonian-American allies (pseudo political statement).

 Then the latest issue we've gotton of Palaeontologia Africana has some
 fun stuff (volume 31, 1994):

 Gow, C.W. 1994. New find of Diarthrognathus (Therapsida: Cynodontia)
   after seventy years. pp. 51-54. Scraps but interesting.

 Shishkin, M.A. & J. Welman. 1994. A new find of Trematosuchus (Amphibia,
   Temnospondyli) from the Cynognathus zone of South Africa. pp. 39-49.
   A decent head that clarifies some things about the genus.

 And finally.....

 Juul, Lars. 1994. The phylogeny of basal archosaurs. pp. 1-38.

 This is a biiiiig paper with lots of cladograms purporting to build on
 new characters and old characters (both as was and modified). Supports
 the monophyly of archosaurs, what he refers to the crown-group archosauria
 (with the Crurotarsi & Ornithodira as monophyletic groups within)
 The Crurotarsi includes a trichotomy with one group that has the
 prestosuchids and Stagonolepidae, the Parasuchia the second, and a new
 third group - the Dromaeosuchia - which includes the Ornithosuchidae
 and the Paracrocodylomorpha (Crocodylomorpha plus Gracilisuchus and
 Postosuchus). The Ornithodira includes the pterosaurs as a sister to
 the Dinosauriformes which consists of Lagosuchus plus the Dinosauria.
 The Dinosauria has the Ornithischia as a sister group to the Saurischia
 which is defined as the Sauropodomorpha plus the Theropoda. The Theropoda
 is Herrerasaurus plus the node labeled Ceratosauria +Tetanurae (take it away
 Tom). There's lots of details there but that's too much for now.

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH