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Re: Horner's T. rex

Ultimately, the question of whether T. rex was a predator is one that may=
 never be fully resolved.  However, I do think that his comparison of T. rex=
 to Dienonychus may not be completely valid, for these two groups may have=
 been following different evolutionary paths.  The dromateosaurs did perfect=
 every part of their body to killing (making them exceptional hunters), but=
 does that mean that any theropod that doesn't follow this model wasn't a=
 good hunter?  I don't think so IMHO.  It seems to me that the carnosaurs=
 were placing all their killing potential in the head.  By this reasoning,=
 is it possible that the arms of T. rex are so small because they really=
 didn't have a use, and are being reduced?  Even more bizarre, is it=
 possible that T. rex could wind up with a descendent that was completely=
 armless???  A reverse whale, after a fashion.
Any comments?