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Political tracts, and a dino-related question

>I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mickey for his
>attempt to quash the continuing overt and covert republican/conservative
>bashing by numerous members of this list. Since it continues, I must now
>chime in (One of those who's been gritting his teeth). My apologies to you
>Mickey for now breaking my silence....

Actually, it's the libertarians who seem to get the most press on the net...


>accomplished the exact opposite! We are more divided now than we were during
>the Civil War!

Hurmm. Slight exaggeration.  I haven't seen hide nor hair of the Army of
Northern Viginia lately, nor have I seen the U.S. Army burning Richmond
in recent memory.

>The leftists are the purveyors of intolerance, division, and
>class envy and anti- buisness.

I would beg to differ.  As an atheist and evolutionist, I find myself much
more tolerated among democrats than republicans.

>will be another). Finally let's quit the partisan jabs since it is an
>unnecessary overture to our mutual discussion of those creatures we ALL love,

Sure, after you get your jabs in, hmm?
>Finally, despite our political differences, I still respect each and every
>one of you out there. I hope the feeling is the same.

I would hope so.

And now, onto a dinosaur related topic:

Did my interview on ABC get broadcast on ANY market?  It was not shown in
the Washington, D.C. area (where my family, my dept. chair, my deans, and
the university trusetees live!), but I have heard that it was on in Boston.
Please email me directly if you saw it: no need to clutter the net up any
more than it already is.  (I know, I should talk....)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Vertebrate Paleontologist
Dept. of Geology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742
Email:Thomas_R_HOLTZ@umail.umd.edu (th81)
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