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Re: Re[2]: Sue and the president

In a message dated 95-09-25 13:03:54 EDT, bcunning@nssi.com (Cunningham,
Betty) writes:

>If I had a million dollars, it would do much better going directly to the 
>owner of Sue to get her out of hock, than to have it the Goverment.  If I 
>had a million dollars, I would much rather give it to a group that could 
>actually do something about MORE specimens, whether preparing stuff we 
>already have in a box somewheres (stegasaur, hmm?) or use it to go out and 
>find more.   Sue, though nice, isn't worth that much all by her lonesome in 
>comparison with all the other nice stuff a million dollars could buy.

Absolutely (ab-SUE-lutely??) right. That's why neither Clinton nor anyone
else with any real power in the government will do anything about Sue.
There's no money in it for them.