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Re: Posting freedom

> The time is upon us to consider the ramifications of limiting the subject
> matter to be posted to this list. Who is to make the decisions as to what is
> acceptable and what is not? Should it be Mickey Rowe, the administrator?
> Should it be a collective judgement of list subscribers? Should it be the
> watchful eye of our government? Who?

Why!?!??---why do we need more rules and regulations when there is already
a globally recognized mechanism regarding content control on USENET and
mailing lists? Look at all the different mailing lists that are out there,
look at all the different newsgroups. Look at how many are similar, yet
have their own charters and clusters of readers. Why do you think this is?
I was one of the last people to ask Mickey to close the list to 
non-subscribers, but even I recognize that there are on-topic and off-topic
messages and subjects. Why do we have to impose a specific political set of
rules(regardless of how admirable they are) on a system that has its own rules
and is essentially the EPITOMY of what you're basically advocating?
Please take some time to read into the history of the net, some of the 
netiquette files and other FAQ-like thingies regarding appropriate posting,
cross-posting, topic migration, etc. You'll find the questions you ask 
already answered therein. 

---Steve(Not all of us Merkins think alike, Derek  1/2 :) )