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Another Large Allosaurid

In a message dated 95-09-25 03:12:29 EDT, you write:

>George wrote:
>Sorry: two meters tall is a fairly LARGE theropod, about medium-size for an
>Medium? As far as i know Allosaurus could become 39 ft / 12 m long.
>So an medium sized would be 6 m long and not two.

I have heard of an Allosaurid, Acrocanthasaurus atokensis that may have
approached T. rex size. It too had a skull over 5 feet long and teeth ~8
inches long and believed to have been in the 40+ foot long range.
Interestingly, A. atokensis may be a_little_older_  than Gigantosaurus or at
least seems to have been it's North American counterpart of Aptian-Albian

                                              Thomas R. Lipka