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Re[2]: Sue and the president

In a message dated 95-09-23 02:15:46 EDT, Stang1996@aol.com writes:
>Has anyone else besides me e-mailed the president as suggested by someone 
>(sorry, I can't remember)?  All I got back was the regular form response, 
>so....  Anyways, for those who are wonderig, the e-mail adresses of Al Gore 
>and Hillary Rodham-Clinton are vice.president@whitehouse.gov and 
>first.lady@whitehouse.gov respectively.  Maybe try Al, he doesn't seem to 
>have quite as much on his hands as Bill?  Anyways....
>>The messages will just get lost in the shuffle. If you REALLY want to gain 
>>Clinton's attention, tell him you'll contribute a couple of million 
>>dollars to his campaign fund if only he'll do something about the Sue 

If I had a million dollars, it would do much better going directly to the 
owner of Sue to get her out of hock, than to have it the Goverment.  If I 
had a million dollars, I would much rather give it to a group that could 
actually do something about MORE specimens, whether preparing stuff we 
already have in a box somewheres (stegasaur, hmm?) or use it to go out and 
find more.   Sue, though nice, isn't worth that much all by her lonesome in 
comparison with all the other nice stuff a million dollars could buy.