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Re: Query: Evolution of Pterosaurs

Just a thought re: environments.  There seem to be two broad categories fo
"gliders" in the modern world. the long ranging sea birds.. terns and boobies
for example, and the scavenging eagles and buzzards.  Clearly the range of
the sea birds seem to be greater, but eagles are known to range over
thousands of miles of greatly varying environments.

A quick adaption to a new environment for eagles is the population of bald
eagles found in the San Juan islands of Washington, which have adapted their
diet from scavenged and some live caught fish to nearly exclusively road kill
rabbits.  A very rapid change of diet and environment from seashore to
asphalt shores.  I'm not sure where all of this leads, except to suggest that
rapid changes may be possible for some gliders and that accomplished
"gliders" may be among the most wide ranging creatures on the planet.