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Re: Sauropod Informed (original Blood flow ?)

>  I previously posted (about 6 months ago) a hypothetic situation with a 
> _T.rex_ and a group of Ceratopsians. IMHO, I feel that the Ceratopsian's 
> large nasal cavity would be able to pick up the scent of decaying flesh 
> inside T.rex's mouth (P-U). Could the large nasal cavities in Hadrosaurs 
> served a similiar purpose. Now the speed of _T. rex_ I won't 
> touch.(unless of course I'm prevolked)  

     I read somewhere (maybee in JP, of all places) that most carnivores, 
predators included, are pretty stinky.  I think a T.rex could solve this
problem by creeping up from downwind.