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Re: Posting freedom

    On behalf on the other Neo-Nazi, child butchering subscribers and 
Mickey, Dictator in Chief, I'd like to respond this little posting.  
     The reason I personally, and I suspect other suscribers have become 
annoyed at the undinosaurian postings has nothing to do with enforcing 
our own political opinions.  If you do post material irrelevant to the 
subject matter, we will not take down your door with fire axes.  We are 
annoyed because we are subscribing to this list to discuss and learn 
about a particular subject matter.  If we wanted to find out about or discuss
politics, freedom of speech is not impinged, you can subscribe to a 
network that discusses these things.  We just don't want to hear about 
it, at least not on this mailing list.  If you would like to respond to one 
of the political tracts that has already come through, you can respond to 
the individuals at thier e-mail adresses but DON'T PUT It ON THE 
DINONET.  I get about a zillion mesaages a week, and keeping track of 
them is difficult enough.
     I don't think we need to vote on it or enforce our opinions with 
harsh penalties or genocide.  I think if everyone uses a little 
good personal judgement in what is relavant to THIS LIST, everybody can 
get along fine.  We are all on this list to have fun, so why screw it up 
by being anal?