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A few more..

 Ok, some extra stuff from Palaeontologische Zeitschrift

 Lingham-Soliar, T. 1994. The mosasaur "Angolasaurus" bocagei (Reptilia:
    Mosasauridae) from the Turonian of Angola re-interpreted as the earliest
    member of the genus Platecarpus. PZ 68(1/2):267-282.

 TL-S sinks "Angolasaurus" and places it back into Plat.

 L-S, T. 1994. First record of mosasaurs from the Maastrichtian (Upper
   Cretaceous) of Zaire. PZ 68(1/2):259-265.

 Mosasaur scraps in Zaire.

 Hungerbuhler, A. 1994. Recently identified type material of the Lower
   Jurassic ichthyosaur Stenopterygius in the Geological-Paleontological
   Institute, Tubingen. PZ  68(1/2):245-258.

 General taxonomic discussion of Tubingen specimens.

 More notes on misc. Mesozoic herps

 Rieppel, O. 1995. The status of Anarosaurus multidentatus von Huene
    (Reptilia, Sauropterygia), from the Lower Anisian of the Lechtaler
    Alps (Arlber, Austria)> PZ 69(1/2):289-299.

 Redescription of some old material.

 AND FINALLY! a paper on the BeeGee's favorite herptile Discosaurus!

 Klembara, J. 1995. The external gills and ornamentation of skull roof bones
   of the Lower Permian tetrapod Discosaurus (Kuhn 1933) with remarks on its
   ontogeny. PZ 69(1/2):265-281. Real detailed stuff.

 Getting through the backlog....

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH