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more refs...

 I note that the SVP meeting abstract volume is out, I'll try and look
 through it this weekend - lots of stuff happening...

 Now to some odd Russian stuff.

 In English a very odd paper I still haven't figured out:

 Zotin, A.I. & A.A. Zotin. 1995. Progressive evolution: thermodynamic
   foundations. Biology Bulletin    22(4):321-328. Whew...

 Three in Russian that should be interesting but we'll need George or
 someone to translate:

 Seslavinskiy, K.B. 1995. The correlation of the Mezocenozoic volcanic
   and tectonic events with the climate's changes of the Earth.
   Dokl. Akad. Nauk 341(2):236-238.

 Antipov, M.P. & A.E. Shlezinger. 1995. Cretaceous geological events
   and their place in the geological evolution of the Earth.
   Dokl. Akad. Nauk  341(1):79-82.

 Gavrilov, V.M. 1994. Possibilities of birds to change non-evaporative
   heat loss and the origin of homoiothermy with the formation of basal
   metabolic rate. Dokl. Akad. Nauk 339(1):130-136.

 There is a short but nice article on Bill Stout and some of his recent
 reconstructions - which are beautiful and non anorexic by the way -
 in Terra 32(5):2-4. William Stout's Visions of Gondwana. It's a
 publication of the LACM. Sept/Oct 1995

 The Nature with the plant eating croc came in:

 Wu, Xiao-chun, Hans Sues & A. Sun. 1995. A plant-eating crocodyliform
    reptile from the Cretaceous of China. Nature 376:678-680. 24AUG95

 Chimaerosuchus seems to be sister to Notosuchus between the Protosuchus
 group and the Eusuchia. Say that 3 times fast.

 Merck, J.W., Jr. 1995. Mesozoic Errors. The Sciences, Sept/Oct 1995,
   pp. 40-43. Review of some CD-roms.

 Also, a copy of Notes from the Underground  (9(4), July-Aug. 1995)
 which has a fun review of the current thoughts on the Coelophysis
 Rioarribasaurus discussions and an announcement of a formation of a
 pterosaur society. Its from the N. Mexico Friends of Paleo.

 The SVP abstracts are overwhelming - although Tom has a bunch of things
 in the theropod symposium.

 Finally, next June here at the Smithsonian there will be a meeting of
 the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution (SAPE) which is
 just before the North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC)
 also here. There will be a symposium of Mesozoic birds which should
 be fun. I'm a member of the organizational committee and Wellnhofer
 is in charge of the symposium. I'll keep you informed.

 I'm tired...

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH