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Re[2]: DINOSAUR digest 599

Neither entertainment nor scientific fact re the ozone booklet. Although the
short-term data indicates ozone depletion and global warming these may just be
normal fluctuations over longer periods.


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Subject: Re: DINOSAUR digest 599
Author:  pburgess@coresw.com at smtp-fhu
Date:    23/9/1995 2:36 AM

Joseph F.Backo writes:

> The next morning on my walk I noticed that Sue's skull was gone -
> according to the owner, a wealthy parent bought the cast (for several 
> thousand $) for her 5 year old's playroom.

Just wanted to get that out in the open.  Sorry, folks.

As long as I'm off topic...
Terry Colvin forwards:

> You can obtain a useful booklet by Robert Bidinotto ... ask for _The 
> Green Machine_ ... by writing Robert Bidinotto [snip]
> "The ozone depletion controversy is just one of several major
> environmentalist scams I refute in the booklet, which is heavily 
> documented.")

Ah, so a quarter century of atmospheric research by competent scientists 
throughout the world focusing on just this one subject means nothing, 
because Doctor, excuse me, mister Bidinotto's leaflet says so?
(Or were you forwarding that specifically for the entertainment value?)