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Re: Posting freedom

I have to agree with Derek, why do the US citizens on the list discuss this
subject like they are the only ones listening? Discussions about right wing
and left wing politices in the US (regardless of if they are relevant or
not) are laughable over here where Bill Clinton is seen as slightly to the
right of Ghengis Kahn. One-off comments about politics are fair game and
surely no one is that thin skinned that we are going to see the collapse of
western civilization (an oxymoron) because someone makes a smart-arsed
comment about Newt Gingrich (another oxymoron). While I agree that the
content of this list should be dinosaurs, I would hate to think that it was
so anti-septic (pun intended) as to exclude peripheral subjects such as
politics and religion (OK even aliens and cyberpeople). So let 'em hang
guys, it is no big deal. But in the final analysis, if politics are
introduced, try and remember the world is listening.

By the way Derek, I too used to be a Pom, but I got better.

Cheers, Paul