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Re: Sauropod Informed (original Blood flow ?)

>> T-rex teeth, biting ability, and scent receptors.
>> Would I be assuming too much in guesing T-rex had poor oral hygine? Would I
>> be farther off the beam to assume that a deep bite on a Hadrosaur thigh would
>> go septic? Would not such a wounded dinosaur take on a 'special' scent?
>> Wouldn't this wounded dino, especially if on migration, fall behind the herd
>> and become much easier to dispatch?
>     Some gentleman whose name I can't recall suggested something similar
>using Komodo Dragons as a model.  Komodos have serrated teeth that trap
>little putrifying peices of meat in the serrations.  When it bites
>something, the prey animal in question gets a terrible infection, almost
>as if the komodo were actually poisionous.  This guy's argument
>was that the little, teeny cube shaped serrations of tyrannosaurs might have
>served a similar function.  It doesn't seem like such a bad suggestion
>when you conider that these serrations are fairly small and CUBICAL, not

Most large varanid lizards deliver such obnoxious bites. In many cases,
being bitten by a goanna is worse than being bitten by any one of a number
of poisonous snakes.

Cheers, Paul