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Re: Lost World: _Stenonychosaurus_ boo-boos

In a message dated 95-09-24 22:36:58 EDT, DAVEH47@delphi.com (Dave
Hardenbrook) writes:

>>How many errors can YOU spot in the above?
>I count 5 :) ...
>1. "_Stenonychosaurus_" is now called _Troodon_
>2. Cretaceous, NOT Triassic
>3. I've seen length estimates of 8 feet (= ~2.5 meters), but maybe I'm 
>   splitting hairs :)
>4. Alberta and Montana, NOT Mongolia
>5. Big eyes, big brain, opposable thumb, "sickle" claws--yeah, real 
>   ordinary and run-of-the-mill... :)
You got most of them.

2 meters from pes to acetabulum is a rather large theropod (_Allosaurus_
size). Same mistake as the _Velociraptor_ size problem that pervades the

The jury is still out on how far away the Flaming Cliffs are from Ulan Bator.
I kinda doubt "three hours." My atlas puts at least a couple of hundred miles
of Gobi in between the capital and the Djadokhta area, and as far as I know,
there's no superhighway there yet.