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Lost World: _tenonychosaurus_ boo-boos

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>[excerpt from _Lost World_]:
>"...I suspect he actually has a subspecies of _Stenonychosaurus_,
>though I haven't decided for sure."
>     "_Stenonychosaurus_?" Guitierrez said.
>     "Small Triassic carnivore--two meters from pes to acetabulum. In point
>of fact, a rather ordinary theropod. ..."

>I forgot to mention: the _Stenonychosaurus_ was found in the Gobi, at the
>Flaming Cliffs, about "three hours out of Ulan Bator."

>How many errors can YOU spot in the above?

I count 5 :) ...
1. "_Stenonychosaurus_" is now called _Troodon_
2. Cretaceous, NOT Triassic
3. I've seen length estimates of 8 feet (= ~2.5 meters), but maybe I'm 
   splitting hairs :)
4. Alberta and Montana, NOT Mongolia
5. Big eyes, big brain, opposable thumb, "sickle" claws--yeah, real 
   ordinary and run-of-the-mill... :)

                        -- Dave