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Re: The Lost World: Errata

>In a message dated 95-09-24 18:48:06 EDT, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)
>> Unnecessarily picky, I think.
>How much would it have hurt the novel if he had written "paleontologists Jack
>Horner and Robert Makela" instead of just "paleontologist Jack Horner"?

   And how much does it hurt NOT to have it in there?  Lost World is a work
of fiction about a fictional place with fictional characters in fictional
situations.  Expecting it to recount the entire long boring story of how
Maiasaurua peeblsorum received its name is a bit much and totally irrelevant
to the story as a whole.  This is NOT a doctoral dissertation, a reference
book, or even The Dinosaur Heresies.

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