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Pectoral Girdles

Hi ho.  
I have a question regarding the pectoral girdle of Archaeopteryx - a few

1)  As this is often referred to as "the first bird," did it possess the
standard bird-like pectoral girdle (fused clavicles+interclavicle=furculum,
large coracoids articulating with the sternum (did it even have a sternum?),
blade-like scapula oriented parallel to the spinal column), or did that come

2)  If the bird-like shoulder girdle came later, what, then, was the form of

3)  If Archaeopteryx DID have the bird-like girdle, what other dinosaurs do
we find this in?

In a quasi-related topic, what was the pectoral girdle of pterosaurs like,
and how was the flight-stroke accomplished in these animals?  

Thanks for your help!