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Re: A few interesting things about JP

> Hello all you JP fans:
> Whereas, these are the fifteen dinosaurs from the book:

As well as the Cearadactyls, which could easily have made it 
to the mainland, there were at least two other non-dinos mentioned 
in passing in the book which could have made it to the mainland.

In a lagoon there was an aquatic reptile (I haven't got the book with 
me so I can't remember the species), there was also a giant 

Amusingly, considering Crichtons theme of the seeming inability of 
scientists to pay attention to detail, he completely forgot about 
both of these in the rest of the story.

The rather large aquatic reptile didn't even figure on his count screens
(the skewed distribution curve with the humps was also incorrect)
> According to JPTM (Jurassic Park the movie), we have no info that
> dinosaurs got to the mainland.  There were only three raptors, and they
> all died before the movie ended. And the compys?  They were hiding in some
> paddock somewhere, and Spielberg just didn't have the dough to give them
> to us!  

The hatched eggs which Grant found out in the paddock were Raptor eggs.
Which implies that there a) There were raptors which weren't accounted 
for and b) they had been loose for more than one evening (how long 
does it take for a dinosaur egg to be laid _and_ hatch?)

So plenty of scope for loose Raptors in a sequel to either the book or the 

I await the release of the book here with bated breath.