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Re: Biota of Cloverly Formation

In a message dated 95-09-24 17:04:27 EDT, RaptorRKC@aol.com writes:

>I am trying to do a minor project on the ecosystem/environment in which
>Deinonychus lived.  Does anybody have any information on the plants and
>animals present in the Cloverly Formation is Deinonychus's day?  I know of
>a few animals present -- _Microvenator celer_, _Sauropelta edwardsi_, and
>the main large herbivore, _Tenontosaurus tilleti_.  What other animals
>shared the formation with Deinonychus?  What kind of plants and terrain is
>the Cloverly know to have?

I recall posting to the paleo newsgroup on Dale Russell's book _The Dinosaurs
of North America_ in this context. If you don't have that book, beg, borrow,
or steal a copy from somewhere! There's a whole chapter, with illustrations,
on the Early Cretaceous of North America in there.