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Re: Posting freedom

> Hello all,
> The time is upon us to consider the ramifications of limiting the subject
> matter to be posted to this list. Who is to make the decisions as to what is
> acceptable and what is not? Should it be Mickey Rowe, the administrator?
> Should it be a collective judgement of list subscribers? Should it be the
> watchful eye of our government? Who?
> If the entire list is to be the judge for what is posted and what isn't then
> an establishment of rules governing posting must be adopted. Our constitution
> (USA) says that the majority rules up and to the point that we cannot use
> that majority rule to silence the opposition. 

This is NOT the USA.  The US government does not fund dinosaur research
in New Zealand (in fact the New Zealand government doesn't fund it 
either) and has no juristiction over the Net here either.

There are plenty of mailing lists and newsgroups devoted to politics.

This one isn't, it's devoted to dinosaurs.  I think most people here
are generally interested in mesozoic vertebrate palaeontology and 

I think it would be fair to say that anything Mesozoic is fine.

Politics and advertising didn't evolve until well after the 
Mesozoic.  Let's try and avoid such issues in a mailing 
list dedicated to dinosaurs and their ilk.

> Just for the record I am neither a communist, democrat, or republican, and
> believe this is the greatest country in the history of mankind. I do.

I believe this is a really great country too.

This country is, however New Zealand.  

> Flame retardant applied, so fire away!

> Roger A. Stephenson  United States Citizen    

Derek Tearne, British Citizen and New Zealand permanent resident.

Please Please Please


Derek "I'm sorry, I'll calm down in a minute" Tearne