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Re: Lost World.

> At 00:23 9/24/95 -0400, Kiran Wagle wrote:
> >
> >Be warned, however, that the *only* way to see any this stuff is with a
> >browser that supports imagemaps--there are NO text links.  Another good
> >example of bad Web design, this page even uses Netscape's exclusive (since
> >it's not part of any standard) "client pull" technology to load images.
> >
> So?  Netscape 1.2 is free, as long as it's not used commercially.
> Download a copy;)

Bandwidth however is not.  Watching a page load down and then immediately 
move to another page giving no chance to either view that page 
or return to it does not impress people who pay by the byte.

The lost world site could be used as a perfect example of bad HTML.

It screams 'If you're not using netscape 1.2 on a T1 f** off'.

I got dumped off the modem twice trying to load down the first page
and still don't know what's happening.

Derek "Not impressed" Tearne