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A few interesting things about JP

Hello all you JP fans:

I have my own copy of the Lost World now, too, but bloody old school will
keep me from reading it for at least a few days.  So far I am anxious to
read it.

The weird thing is, Crichton and Spielberg have the facts ALL WRONG for JP
2.  ALL WRONG.  THE LOST WORLD had such an inappropriate storyline for a
sequel.  According to the plot of the book (not the movie), the sequel
should be about dinosaurs loose in Costa Rica -- I was utterly
disappointed that it wasn't.  If you read the book several times, you'll
pick up a few ques on how the raptors could have gotten to the mainland
before the end of the book (if you don't have an idea, just ask me).  The
compys, well, they were already in Costa Rica, wild and breeding like
guinea pigs. I also have suspicions that the cearadactyls could've made it
to Central America...

That's what everyone, I guess, thought the plot would be like. 
Unfortunately, it wasn't.  Crichton just isn't giving us what we want
nowadays!  Lets file a complaint!

The Jurassic Park featured on the big screen really did have many more
than seven dinosaurs -- we just didn't see them because Spielberg got
cheap on us!  I have done a little research, watching the movie a few more
times and reading lots of stuff, and have come up with a complete list of
all 15 dinosaurs that were or SHOULD HAVE been in the movie:

1. Tyrannosaurus rex 
2. Velociraptor (Deinonychus) antirrhopus
3. Parasaurolophus walkeri
4. Triceratops
5. Brachiosaurus
6. Gallimimus bullatus
7. Apatosaurus
8. Carnotaurus sastrei
9. Procompsognathus triassicus
10. Stegosaurus
11. Dilophosaurus (or was it?...)
12. Maiasaura
13. Metriacanthosaurus
14. Proceratosaurus
15. Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis

That list was sure hard to fix up!  I had to watch Nedry stealing those
embryos over and over and over and over again.  And we know that there
were exactly 15 species, supposedly, in the movie, since Dodgson asked
Nedry to get all 15 species near the beginning of the movie.

Whereas, these are the fifteen dinosaurs from the book:

1. Apatosaurus
2. Cearadactylus (not exactly a dino, but close)
3. Dilophosaurus wetherilli
4. Dryosaurus (hypsilophodont)
5. Euoplocephalus
6. Hadrosaurus (or was it just a hadrosaur in general?)
7. Maiasaura peeblesorum 
8. Microceratops
9. Othnielia
10. Procompsognathus triassicus
11. Stegosaurus
12. Styracosaurus
13. Triceratops serratus
14. Tyrannosaurus rex
15. Velociraptor mongoliensis

And please note: they had Callovosaurus, a doubtful European prosauropod,
in the first printing of Jurassic Park.  Wu also told Grant and company
about a soon-to-be-cloned herbivorous coelurosaur, the species not yet
determined.  I guess since Wu died, they never did get to clone it and
figure out what the coelurosaur really was.

According to JPTM (Jurassic Park the movie), we have no info that
dinosaurs got to the mainland.  There were only three raptors, and they
all died before the movie ended. And the compys?  They were hiding in some
paddock somewhere, and Spielberg just didn't have the dough to give them
to us!  

We didn't see Isla Nublar get bombed in JPTM, but we know it happened.  I
sure wonder what happened to that island's ecosystem...  Paleontologists
should have gone over to Isla Nublar and dug up all of the dinosaur bones
left.  Fun-fun.  Too bad those raptors didn't stay in that underground
chamber -- then they would have probably been safer from the nerve gas (or
whatever it was).

But maybe did the military screw up and leave some survivors?  Maybe.  But
if JP2 really was based on the movie, there would have been no raptors
left to survive, unfortunately.  (Im just a reader and I have the facts
straighter than Crichton himself...)  If that other island, the lost
world, had been near Isla Nublar, the dinosaurs could have swam over to
the place and set up permanent residence there.  but since I haven't read
the book yet I don't know how they really got there.

Crichton should have had a few cearadactyls, and maybe those
proceratosaurs and metriacanthosaurs in The Lost World.  Too bad he
didn't.  Metriacanthosaurus and Proceratosaurus were supposed to be in
JPTM, since Nedry did steal the embryos for them.  Although known from
fragmentary remains, those two carnivores are pretty cool dinosaur
species!  Metriacanthosaurus (perhaps they meant Yangchuanosaurus) is a
relatively large theropod, similar to allosaurs or megalosaurs in some
respects.  The vertebrae on Metriacanthosaurus are long, and form a "hump"
on the animal's back (there is a Metriacanthosaurus on the cover of GSP's
PREDATORY DINOSAURS OF THE WORLD).  And Proceratosaurus, known only from
its skull and some other fragmentary skeletal parts, is like a giant
version of Ornitholestes, twice the size of its relative, with the same
little horn-like crest on its snout.  

Raptor RKC (Rachel Clark)

                                       A human physically but a raptor at

Teen residing in New Joy-zee
Studies dinosaurs and nature, loves animals (esp. guinea pigs!)

"Look at people for what they are, not for what they aren't."