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Re: Sauropod Informed (original Blood flow ?)

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995 Lightwaves@aol.com wrote:

> Would I be assuming too much in guesing T-rex had poor oral hygine? Would I
 I previously posted (about 6 months ago) a hypothetic situation with a 
_T.rex_ and a group of Ceratopsians. IMHO, I feel that the Ceratopsian's 
large nasal cavity would be able to pick up the scent of decaying flesh 
inside T.rex's mouth (P-U). Could the large nasal cavities in Hadrosaurs 
served a similiar purpose. Now the speed of _T. rex_ I won't 
touch.(unless of course I'm prevolked)  
> be farther off the beam to assume that a deep bite on a Hadrosaur thigh would
> go septic? Would not such a wounded dinosaur take on a 'special' scent?
Could this be a symbiotic bacteria inside a _T.rex_? (please don't flame 
me, this is hypothetical)

> Wouldn't this wounded dino, especially if on migration, fall behind the herd
> and become much easier to dispatch? Even the smell of blood would allow the
> T-rex to zero in on that specimen amongst a herd( if indeed their sense of
> smell was as well developed as supposed). A wounded animal in any migration
> we can observe today is less likely to survive, isn't it? If said T-rex made
> a half dozen attempted outright kills day and wounded at least one that
> equals out to a lot (AKA buttload) of Hadrosaur steaks.
 I would think if a member of herd of Hadrosaurs was 'tagged' the others 
would kick the wounded out of the herd. 
> I think the comparison of the forces of nature at work during the Cretaceous
> and those of today are valid. True, the players have changed and the
> designated food animal(s), has changed the game, but the prey-preditor
> relationship has remained basicly the same since the evolution of preditory
> microbes, and maybe before that. Some players make the Hall of Fame, and
> justly so, while others retire as unknowns (a shame for sure).
 I agree.
> Roger A. Stephenson  Power PC user/ Pro artist/ Dinosaur junkie
>  "Make it so."

Aaron Feuk
Preparator, Dept. of Earth Sciences\Geology
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, Wa, 98447