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The Lost World: Errata

Page 162: "Velociraptors?" Arby said.
     "Small carnivores," Levine said. "Basic theropod body shape, long snout,
binocular vision. Roughly two meters tall, weighing perhaps ninety kilos.
Very fast, intelligent, nasty little dinosaurs, and they travel in packs..."

Sorry: two meters tall is a fairly LARGE theropod, about medium-size for an
_Allosaurus_. _Velociraptor_ itself was only about two meters LONG, not TALL.
Crichton makes this error repeatedly throughout the book, despite the legend
for _Velociraptor_ on the endpapers (where the length is more accurately
given as 6 feet). The "raptors" he's describing here are more in the size
range of _Utahraptor_ (Raptor Red). Also, there is little evidence of
binocular vision in _Velociraptor_, whose eyes were directed primarily
laterally; he has infused some _Troodon_ attributes into these creatures.

Page 168: "Parasaurolophus," Levine said. "It's trumpeting through its nuchal
crest. Low-frequency sound carries a long distance."

The crest of _Parasaurolophus_ is not 'nuchal," it's "nasal." "Nuchal" refers
to the neck, so a "nuchal crest" would be more like what _Amargasaurus_ had
two of. (They were continued as dorsal crests all the way to the sacrum.)

Page 225: "Maiasaurs had been named by paleontologist Jack Horner. ..."

Sorry, they were named by Jack Horner and the late Robert Makela, whose
contribution to our knowledge of _Maiasaura_ should not be overlooked. If you
really want to get sticky, the name _Maiasaura peeblesorum_ was first
suggested by Horner's mentor Donald Baird; Jack and Bob acknowledged him in
their 1979 co-authored paper.

Page 237: "Baselton saw the tyrannosaur. No--there were two! They stood on
both sides of a mud mound, two adults, twenty feet high on their hind legs,
powerful, dark red, with big, vicious jaws. ..."

TWENTY feet high is a bit much even for _Tyrannosaurus rex_. Heck, a whole
animal from nose to tip of tail was about 40 feet long, give or take a couple
of feet. This isn't as bad an exaggeration as in the case of _Velociraptor_,