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Re: Posting freedom

In a message dated 95-09-24 14:28:31 EDT, freeman@netcom.com (Jay Reynolds
Freeman) writes:

>I'd like to belong to a list where the subject of discussion conforms
>closely to dinosaurs.  I hope this list will so conform, by whatever means.
>Perhaps persons interested in a list for the joint discussion of dinosaurs
>and politics, should form one a list of their own.

Since so much dinosaur research is funded by the government, since the
government has in large measure set itself up as the preserver of this
country's dinosaurological heritage, and since the government has set itself
up as the arbiter of the rights of fossil owners, collectors, and dealers
versus the rights of researchers, political discussions have AT LEAST as much
validity on the dinosaur list--provided they bear on or are inspired by the
actions of the government bearing on dinosaur research--as discussions about
creationism, UFOlogy and alien abductions, and astrophysics.