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Re: Good Intentions For Sue

<<I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Mickey for his
attempt to quash the continuing overt and covert republican/conservative
bashing by numerous members of this list.
For those of you who cannot get it through your heads that the governmennt is
not there  to be "big brother" you want it to be, GET OVER IT! Dislike Newt,
Limbaugh and whomever you wish.Only KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! aS MUCH AS  I
despise your communist- in- chief, Bill Clinton, I have NEVER added
personal-political assults or insults about him on this list (until now).
 Democrats have had 40 plus years to do something for the good of all and
have accomplished the exact opposite! We are more divided now than we were
during the Civil War! The leftists are the purveyors of intolerance,
division, and class envy and anti- buisness. The time for _handouts_ form
Uncle Sam is OVER!>>

I'm not blasting you personally but.. you are such a hipocrit!  Enough with
the politics!  Enough!  Enough!  Enough!

Peter Buchholz