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Re: SUE.. what to do?

In a message dated 95-09-23 18:29:53 EDT, art@acc.com (Art Berggreen) writes:

>The mail software on a lot of systems has two delivery modes, immediate
>and background.  When mail arrives at the mail system (either from a
>local user or another network connected computer) it generally tries to
>immediately deliver the message to the recipient.  The recipient can
>usually be a local user, a "forwarding" email address or a list of
>either of these types.  Some systems also allow a copy of the message
>to be submitted to a program for processing.  Most mailing lists use
>this capability of a recipient being a list of other email addresses.
>To deliver the message, the mail software has to make separate network
>connections to each of the other computers and send them a separate
>copy of the original email message.  The email headers are updated to
>reflect this forwarding.  If, due to resource, network or other problems,
>a message can't be delivered, it is saved in a queue for later delivery.
>These deferred messages are batch processed at periodic intervals,
>typically ranging from 15 min to a couple of hours.  If a message is
>received by the list, and makes it to most users, but not you, it probably
>will get delayed.  But if someone that got it responds, when that message
>is processed by the list server, it may actually succeed in getting to
>you before the batch processing delivers the original.  If there are
>access problems between your computer and the list computer, these
>reordering problems may happen.

Excellent explanation. I understand perfectly. Many thanks!