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Re: Ozone - some comments from where it isn't

At  7:22 PM 22/9/95 -0400, Terry Colvin wrote:
>For those of you who may have had an allergic reaction to last week's ozone

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>In the first place, it turns out that the conditions that are necessary for
>a *stable* ozone "hole" occur only in the Anarctic; any variations in ozone
>density elsewhere are inherently evanescent.

It's like this.

For some of us the Antarctic isn't that far away.

During the Summer in New Zealand we have regular unprotected burn times
along with the weather, these can be as low as ten minutes.

Puts the following statement in a different light doesn't it?

>lying in the sun an extra 15 minutes increases UV exposure many times over
>anything contributed by ozone depletion of a few percent. So even if
>dramatic ozone depletion were to occur, just slightly modifying one's daily
>exposure and avoiding excessive suntanning would be sufficient to offset

Although we normally have a reasonable covering of Ozone (the layer is
thinnest over the poles and the tropics and thickest between), when
the Ozone layer starts to break up in the summer little patches
of depleted layer can move overhead.

That's when we are most at risk.

The skin cancer from ultra violet radiation is a major problem here in the
Southern Hemisphere.  Melanoma is a major killer, advice like 'wear a
ignores patches of exposed skin like hands and face - wear a hat and apply
sun-block to all exposed skin as well.

Saying 'stay inside period' is difficult advice to follow when burn times
are less than ten minutes.

>The situation regarding so-called "global warming" is very well expounded
>in a short and highly readable book by Robert Balling, Jr., "The Heated
>Debate" - Pacific Research Foundation,  1992.

Although frequently lumped together 'global warming' and 'Ozone depletion'
are completely different effects.  Comments regarding one have little or no
relavence to the other.

If the ozone layer dissapeared tomorrow it would have little direct effect
on global temperature.  Conversely, if global warming and the greenhouse
effect continued as predicted by the most alarmist theories, the cloud
cover etc.
would tend to slightly decrease the UV exposure on the ground.

Having said all that the e-mail from Terry to the Dinosaur mailing list
has _absolutely_ nothing to do with dinosaurs.

Unless, of course, one assumes that some of the latest dinosaurs speeded
their own demise by manipulating their environment.

Derek Tearne.  - http://webservices.comp.vuw.ac.nz/artsLink/ManyHands/
Some of the more environmentally aware dinosaurs were worried about the
consequences of an accident with the new Iridium enriched fusion reactor.
"If it goes off only the cockroaches and mammals will survive..." they said.