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Re: Lost World.

Sorry to follow up my own post.  I posted out of sequence obviously.  I 
did; however, locate the URL.  It is:


On Sat, 23 Sep 1995, Greg Claytor wrote:

> I made my usual Friday night book store last night, this time to my local 
> Crown books in San Jose, CA.  As I scoured the science and nature section 
> looking for something dinosaurian I hadnt seen before I left the section 
> in discipointment.  But to my surprise I found a whole stack of Lost 
> Worlds!  
> I thought the book wasnt to be released for another week or two.  Anyway, 
> Ive started it and will give my impressions after I finish it.  You 
> fellow dino nuts might want to check your local stores as well!
> I then went next door to Una Mas to pick up some burritos and quesadias 
> for supper and a lady named Charlene noticed the book.  Apparently she 
> works for a company in San Fransisco called Moc Designs and they were 
> recently hired to design the Home Page for the publisher dedicated to this
> book.  She didnt have the URL, but said to use a search engine on the key 
> words 
> Costa Rica, Chriton sp?), Lost World, etc.  I have her card in case we 
> cant find it.  Ill post the URL as soon as I have it.  Hey, just tryin to 
> do my little part.
>       Greg Claytor
>       greg1@svpal.org
>       Dino Nut