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Lost World.

I made my usual Friday night book store last night, this time to my local 
Crown books in San Jose, CA.  As I scoured the science and nature section 
looking for something dinosaurian I hadnt seen before I left the section 
in discipointment.  But to my surprise I found a whole stack of Lost 

I thought the book wasnt to be released for another week or two.  Anyway, 
Ive started it and will give my impressions after I finish it.  You 
fellow dino nuts might want to check your local stores as well!

I then went next door to Una Mas to pick up some burritos and quesadias 
for supper and a lady named Charlene noticed the book.  Apparently she 
works for a company in San Fransisco called Moc Designs and they were 
recently hired to design the Home Page for the publisher dedicated to this
book.  She didnt have the URL, but said to use a search engine on the key words 
Costa Rica, Chriton sp?), Lost World, etc.  I have her card in case we 
cant find it.  Ill post the URL as soon as I have it.  Hey, just tryin to 
do my little part.

        Greg Claytor
        Dino Nut